"Being the hands, feet and voice of Christ in downtown Toledo."

Urban Mission Project

Urban Mission Project

Serving Toledo as Christ’s hands, feet and voice
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The Urban Mission Project coordinates service experiences for church groups and neighbors to be in missions with those most in need.

The U. M. P. exists for local community members who are called to serve in the neighborhood in which they live and work, and for churches or Youth Groups on mission trips that are called to serve in an urban setting. St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, located in the Uptown area of Toledo, has site managers that organize the sites for those seeking a mission project. Out-of-town church families are offered overnight accommodations at a local church.

This program opens doors for families and church groups to come together and serve those unable to care for their home or property.

With our partner organizations, the U. M. P. meets people in our community who need help with minor house or yard improvements and do not have the resources to complete the projects on their own. Many of the friends we have served are elderly or disabled and do not have the income to hire someone to do the work for them.

The U. M. P. encourages relationships between the home owners, the missionaries, and the local church to continue after the project is completed through continued personal contact and prayers.

Service opportunities are coordinated by St. Paul’s United Methodist Church through partnerships with St. Paul’s Community Center, Monroe Street Neighborhood Center, the Friendly Center, and the United North Community Development Corp.

We are organized and supported by local United Methodist urban churches who know the struggles and needs of our neighbors. As local congregations and organizations, we recognize the extensive needs of the marginalized, the elderly, those with disabilities, and those who have lost hope.

Mission Trips are available on a first come, first serve basis, so early registration is encouraged.

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